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the Nature of Time
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The Nature Of Time - A Most Happy Sound 2. Thin Air - Zaftig 3. Thank You Stars - Big Daddy Jr/The Spook 4. Boxer - Christian Erickson 5. Remote Delay - Alpha 6. Longitude - Zaftig 7. Sex And Violins - TS & Filmore Diggz 8. Infengal - The Radar Threat 9. Psycho Dub - Drone 10. Tres Elements - Zaftig 11. Essence - Podling 1. Extreme Breaks - Hard Knee 2. Squeak Space! - Timeblind 3. Forceps and Greens - Squelch One 4. Counter Rotation - Ousia 5. Rebel Moon - Kranium 6. Induri Holiday - Metaphor 7. Track 7 - Mindaphaseone 8. The Alley - Alley Puppet 9. Governments R Helpless - Lost In Translation 10. Repeat - Tempest [4] 11. New World - Wix 12. Drowning Attitude - Savage Aural Hotbed 13. Cat Scan - Most Happy Sound

Future Perfect is a sound system; and no, we are not talking about PA rental. Rather, FP is a collective of separate groups working together to create a united work. The sound can be described as experimental, electronic, acoustic, quiet, loud, and any number of other contradictory adjectives. Suffice it to say that it isn't easily categorized, though you might put it into the modern Electronic bin somewhere near Amon Tobin's "Supermodified" but not too far from Main, Cluster or Bomb 20.

The record is a seamless blend, to be enjoyed as an experience in and of itself. The record is about time. Time as allegory, time has measurement, time as distance, and emotion. Time as it is, beyond just the simple act of counting the moments between events.

But beyond that, this is just a different sort of record from anything else that you'll hear this year. And no, I am not overstating it. Listen for yourself. An abstraction of the moment, an elongation of a memory. a second of happiness. There's a beginning, there's an end and in between is where all the action is. Life is a series of transitions. Think of this record as allegories and abstractions of time. eleven pieces forming a whole. one piece envelopes another folding back into itself. whole universes of music living within each other.

A fierce blending of Electronica into a sinister soundscape. Using all the ammunition in the pop culture canon, to create a soundtrack to your best nights dreams. A kicky blend of droney ambient trance muzik. Receptors on full, jacked right into the neural net, just on the edge of sensory overload. Portrait of a DJ as a young artist. In the pre millennial age we need to come together , if not to a higher sense of consciousness, at least into a state of conscious, an awareness of the things going on around you, and there it is .

English translation: a collection of ambient, trance electronica presented by the Future Perfect Sound System. Featuring such talent as: Mindphaseone, Ousia, Chris Sattengier (Time Blind), Rod Smith, Savage Aural Hotbed, Bond Bergland, A Most Happy Sound, Tempest and others.

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