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Future Perfect
the Modern World
Red Eye
March 1-3 ,2001 (Part of the Red Eye's Isolated acts Series)

Why the world, why not? We've covered a lot of subject in our five years f Future perfect (I know I can't believe it's been that long either). It seemed like time to instead of take a fractal microscope to a small topic, lets take it to be a big one, and it's hard to get bigger than the world. Of course you have to decide exactly which world I am talking about..

When I was a kid my dad played a lot of old time cowboy music, or trucker music as it was referred to on the cover of the 3.98 cassettes available at…well truck stops. Needless to say as young culture snob I was always offended by the merest mention of anything involving something to do with a banjo, Still there was part of me that really enjoyed these little horse operas, much to my mother's dismay. It took a long time and a lot of cultural deprogramming to get past it. So in case I never mentioned it thanks dad. This shows for you.

Now it's for all you kind folks as well, you know what I mean. I should point out too that while the notes are from my perspective, The show is a collaboration of a lot of people, I mean a lot and I would be remiss to not take a minute to single out a few. For One Deb Thayer, the choreographer, and co-captain. She re helped to shape this into something in my head to a reality. I would buy a used car from her.

All the musicians are family but I want to single out Paul Horn and DI Dolari, they are the group that you see the most of tonight. For being as flexible as water, you make my job so much easier.

If this is your first time to one of our things I'll explain, to those who've dealt with us before just go on and skip ahead a bit, I won't mind. Future Perfect is a sound system, collaboration between Musicians, artists, DJ's and now dancers. To create a new of collaborative work. If that seems a little high falootin, think of it like Mission Impossible, the TV show, not the movie. A group of agents and you pull the right ones for the mission. Not every agent is in every show, but there are some that get used on almost every episode. If you want to know more check out




Words of thanks and praise:

Andrea Fulkerson you are a life saver!!!!!!,Matt"eleventh hour angel" Fugate Jeff, and Dave the worlds greatest sound guys, Mr. Thaxter, and Ron, CASP, Jim, and Michele(thanks for moving the trip) , Terry, Tm and Jason, Lorren, TS, Jeff, and all of Zaftig. Di Dolari, David ,Charlie, Drone, Dave W. (man that’s a lot of Dave's ) Benji,Philip Blackburn, Christian (maybe next time!) Deb, and all the dancers, Brahm, Steve, Miriam and the Red Eye Posse, Merle Haggard, Buck Owens and Bob Willis, Ren & Mambo (still sounds weird R.I.P. Stimpy) and as always Mo...

Coreography by Debroah Jinza Thayer
the Radar Threat
Big Daddy Jr & the Spook
Jim Anton
TS& Lorren stafford
Di Dollari
DJ Drone
Video by Keri Halverson

Written and Directed by Chris Strouth

Abstract> The new Future Perfect presentation "The Modern World" is a fractal snapshot of the universe, as we know it. Snippets of the lives we live cut up and rearranged and assembled into a new whole. Abstracted from what we are, what we think that we are. and where we might want to go. It looks at politics, relationships, Stepford Wives syndrome, our inner selves, and our limitations and liabilities. Think of it a sort of theater of convergence where lots of different ideas all roll into one.

Personal> This is a pretty different piece of work for us it's theater based rather then installation based, it follows a linear narration (well kinda) it uses choreography, which is a total first for us. (As done by Deborah Jinza Thayer) it also is the super charged version in that it clocks in at about an hour and a half. And there is no admission after the performance begins. Stylistically this covers new territory for us as well. Since it deals in part with a fascination of western music, gunslinger ballads in particular.

This marks the begging of the next step of the Future perfect Sound System, before we were somewhat limited being that our performances were installation based now the barriers are gone. You cant think of this as an opera if you like but that might be a little to high falootin a concept, you could think of it as a musical, but no one is going to confuse it with Annie get your Gun. Well someone might but they would most likely be very very high.

Cast> The cast of this here shindig is in no particular order of importance choreography by Deborah Thayer, music from Big daddy. Jr., & the Spook, Zaftig, DI Dolari, the Radar Threat, Jim Anton and Chuck Zwicky, and Dave Wolfe (of the Vibro Champs) Christian Ericksion (of the group Astronaut Wife,

With the possible surprise or two. Video by Keri Halverson, and it was conceptualized produced and directed by Chris Strouth. This production is funded through a grant from the Jerome Foundation! (Go figure…)

So there you have it, please write about it, I think that'll be quite good.

PS: Very soon, hopefully around the time of the show we will have a new CD. It's a recreation of our last Weisman Museum show "the Nature of Time" and features some really great stuff, but I'll tell you more about that soon.