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Future Perfect
November 1-3 ,2001 (Part of the Sonic Circuits series)


I am going to let you in on a little secret, the Twin Cities has an absolutely huge electronic scene, no really by some accounts the second or third largest, course it's sort of hard to tell since they removed the "are you an Electro-acoustic musician?" question form the last census. If you've been to the SC/FP events for the past two years you know what I mean, ( six stages running simultaneously over four floors, and a thousand or so people). You don't see shows or audiences like that in other places, really.

When you say Minnesota music most people think of the usuals ; prince and Jimmy Jam, or if they are more the Indy type the Mats and Husker Du, then there are the pop enthusiasts; Semisonic, Mint Condition, or gasp shudder Kid Johnny Lang. Trying to map music choice to any plot of land seems to be a silly notion, but it becomes particularly silly when that plot of land is Minnesota. Just a look at that list of Minnesota music you see a pretty broad range, and that's just the stuff that gets airplay. It's an eclectic place, and when you refer to music that falls into the " electric" category well look out, cause there are more genres and sub-genres then I can keep track of.

This program which celebrates this wiggly little genre started roughly 9 years ago in a chapel at McAlester Collage., It has since grown into an International traveling loose association of electronic music. Playing at more venues then any number of people could, or would care to shake a stick at. Although no one is going to confuse it for Lollapalooza, it's still pretty darn cool. It's been my privilege to be a part of it for seven years, both as a one of the curators of the national festival, but really has The producer of the Twin Cities Event., and for the past few years as the head of Future Perfect.

When I started with SC The concerts took place in 100 seat theater called the Red Eye, and half the music was pre-recorded. But it was in that little space that a lot of what became the Mpls electric boom started, it marked a point to where Electronic music was liberated from greying academics drooling over the tired bones of Clara Rockmore and company. This seemed as good as time as any to reflect a bit, go back to our roots, and explore this little "somewhere ", The place between the anonymous commercial thud of techno , and the oscillated Bird songs of professors ,this the little musical crawl space in which we live. Here's to making it bigger.


Sonic Circuits: Liquid Music Selections from the Sonic Circuits festival

in order of appearance

Pre show: Sonic Circuits9 CD

video: Ballet - video Piece

Aaron Barnell:

Preston Wright

Tom Heasley -)

Video: Katherine Gordon

David Birchfield (NY): -

Jack Pavlik/ LorrenStafford:

Our Mine

Post show: Future perfect, The Nature of Time


Sonic Circuits : Future Perfect : Solid

members of Future perfect sound system doing their thing solo

in order of appearance

Pre show: Future perfect, The Nature of Time


DJ Andrew



Chuck Zwicky

DJ Terra Incognita