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full show of Future
perfect 4 @ the

Future Perfect 8
a Sonic Circuits phantasmagoria
Landmark Center
November 5, 1999
in conjunction with the Sonic Circuits International Festival of Music and Art
The Big Cortile
8:00 Franz Kamin and Friends: Slow Train 

8:20 Paul Rudy: Degrees of Separationó ìGrandchild of Tree.î Terry Longshore, cactus 

8:30 Jonny Logic (HSRA): Because

8:35 Carei Thomas: Nolemon|nomeloN* Steve Goldstein, Stefan Kren, and Grady Appleton with Mark Dayton, Wendy Ultan, and Adam Linz. 

9:05 Donald Williams (HSRA): Donít Sleep 

9:10 Harold Fortuin: Branchings

9:20 Passage

9:50 Nicky Hind: Ripples. Schoen Oslund, guitar 

10:00 Annie Gosfield/Roger Kleier
8:00 TS  

8:30 Terpsichore: Byzantium

8:50 TS

8:55 Lil' Smoke (HSRA): World of Corruption 

9:00 Rexor

9:05 Casper (HSRA): Access Denied

9:25 DJ Drone

9:55 Te'Lisa Powell (HSRA): Ainít No Stopping 

10:00 Big Daddy Jr

10:30 Pleasant Stitch
8:00  Satoshi Shinozaki

8:30 Paul Horn

9:00 Tim Donahue with Carl Stone

9:30 Lorren  Stafford

10:00 Jim Anton

Paul Higham

Paul Vanouse: Silicon C

Patrick Lighty: Terminal Time

Cortile Arcade
Scott Miller and William Gorcica: Eyes and Ears 

Brian Heller: Send in the Clowns

Annie Gosfield: Shoot the Player Piano*

Reynold Weidenaar: Magic Music from the Telharmonium 

Mark Webber: Sunayani

John Hitchcock: Distortion

James Croson: Animie

Philip Mantione and Alysse Stepanian: The Field Chris de Laurenti: Cocaine

Jose Halac: The Breaking of the Scream

Mark Applebaum: Dead White Males ReMix

Mike Frengel: Long Slender Heels

Mario Verandi: Figuras Flamencas

Timothy Oesau: Angola du Sons

Thomas Gerwin: Rollenspiel

Hideko Kawamoto: Night Ascends from the Ear like a Butterfly 

Christina Agamanolis: Aftermath

Popular Electronica 101: Sun Ra, Kraftwerk, Can, Hawkwind, King Crimson, Popol Vuh, Amon Düul II, Van de Graaf Generator, Roxy Music, Pink Floyd, Suicide, The Residents, Ultravox, The Human League, Throbbing Gristle, Tuxedomoon, Devo, Cabaret Voltaire, New Order, Laurie Anderson, Wall of Voodoo, Robert Rental, John Foxx, Gary Numan, Dome, A.C. Marias, Stereolab, Portishead 

Room captains: Mithat Konar, Christian Bernhardt, Charlie Erickson, Melissa Maristuen, Matt Hopping 

Video: Keri Halverson

Networks: David Bryan

Lights: Magic Lantern Light Show

Man behind the curtain: Philip Blackburn 

Ringmaster: Chris Strouth
ìThe building is divided into multiple rooms: different places, different atmospheres. what, you say you want to see it all? well you can't. sorry but its true . Make sure and walk around and catch a little bit of everything it'll be fun. trust me, I'm the program I wouldn't lie. Times and reality are subject to change without warning though.î 
Some Bios
Paul Horn is a creator of ambient soundscapes and space music. He is a former member of Ultramodern recording group "Ousia." Currently Paul is recording under the name "Planform." 

Students from the High School for Recording Arts (HSRA)
1. My name is Lil' Smoke. The song I will be performing is entitled "World of Corruption". The song describes how I feel inside. My influences are DJ Quik, Snoop Dogg, C-murder, and Master P. 

2. My name is Jonny Logic. The song I will perform is called "Because". It is about the answer of every and any question. 

3. My name is Chase Sparkman, aka Casper. The song I will be performing is entitled "Access Denied". My song is about the way kids these days try to join up with my group of friends, then just the other day were talking bad about us. 

4. My name is Donald Williams. The song I will be performing is entitled "Don't Sleep". My song is about myself Donald aka Fulley Exquizit Large. My influences are No Limit Soldiers, Ruff Riders, NAS, Red Man, Method Man, Hip Hop MC's. 

5. My name is Te'Lisa Powell. The song I will be performing is entitled "Ain't No Stopping". My song is about Bella Mafia Domain (women rule) and we can't be stopped. 

Pleasant Stitch contains synthesis, string and drumtronic gentlemen Will Pierce (former Sling, Overblue), Bob DeMaa (Overblue), Carty Fox (Squelch One, Overblue) and gorgeous vox siren Sarah Jane Hill. Their set this evening is a medley of conceptual pieces. 

Terry Longshore is an active solo performer, chamber musician, and a member of the percussion duo Skin & Bones ( He holds the DMA and MA degrees the University of California, San Diego. He currently serves as Visiting Assistant Professor/Director of Bands & Percussion at Valley City State University in North Dakota. 

Minneapolis Improv Group is an ongoing effort to liberate sound. 

Nicky Hind is a student at Stanford University. He wrote Ripples in response to an experience of floating in a swimming pool, harmonizing his breathing with the reflected waves. 

Paul Rudy teaches at the University of Missouri, Kansas City and wrote ìDegrees of Separationî after John Cageís ìChild of Tree.î 

Carei Thomas, a 1999 McKnight Composer Fellow, has been associated for a number of years with the literary, visual arts, dance, music, recovery, neighborhood, and Buddhist communities of the Twin Cities. Thomas is a 1993 Bush Fellowship recipient known throughout the arts community for his creative improvisational music, spiritual energy and interdisciplinary vision. He is moving from Brief Realities to Phononomalies as I write. 

Grady Appleton is experiencing life and immersing himself in its creative force through a variety of expressions. He is a painter of spirits; of souls that emerge, wander, experiment, and some that lose their way. He is also a photographer, giving expression and energy to life that has been rendered still by mechanical and chemical invention. 

For over 30 years, electronic and acoustic percussionist Stephen Goldstein has performed professionally throughout the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean in the musical genres and idioms of experimental, jazz, funk, South Indian classical, commercial, and numerous others. 

Paul Higham has worked with new media for over 20 years& works and lectures internationally. 

McKnight Fellowship-winning composer Lorren Stafford (Richard For Cerebellum, A Most Happy Sound) teams up with singer Brooke Aldridge (STATION9). 

Annie Gosfield and Roger Kleier will present a set of duos for samplingkeyboards and electric guitar. Collaborations for ruined instruments will combine detuned melodies with disintegrating textures. Loose strings vibrate as calamatonality hovers above. "Molars will tremble and eardrumsimplode." -Mike Silverton, La Folia 

Annie Gosfield is a composer working and living in downtown New York. Her work has been performed in concerts throughout the world by The Bang on a Can Allstars, The Crosstown Ensemble, The Spit Orchestra, and her own group. Recent and upcoming projects include a site-specific composition for a factory in Nuremberg, Germany, a commission from Newband for the Harry Partch instruments, and her CD, Burnt Ivory and Loose Wires on the Tzadik label. Her Jerome-commissioned video work Shoot the Player Piano is also being presented at Sonic Circuits. 

Roger Kleier is a guitarist, composer, and improvisor currently living in New York City. With various ensembles he has toured extensively through North America, Europe, and Australia. He has recorded and collaborated with, among others, Annie Gosfield, Elliott Sharp, Marc Ribot, David Moss, Davey Williams, Ikue Mori, and Carl Stone. He has a solo CD entitled KlangenBang on the Rift label, and an upcoming release for the Starkland label called Deep Night, Deep Autumn. ìAdventurous guitar fans and anyone with ears wide open should seek this outî--Option 

Satoshi Shinozaki:The very first things in my life which touched my lips were air molecules, which I shook when I cried for the first time. I like them and I do like to have them dance with my heart beat. 

terpsichore has been writing music since the age of 9, and has been recording electronic music for fourteen years. Please visit for more info. 

John Vance, aka Rexor, performs using a marriage of cutting-edge and dead media, incorporating found sounds, pre-programmed compositions and highly suspect anti-strategic improvisational tactics. The particular piece for Sonic Circuits is called Blu Diamond which was developed while recently on a solo tour, full documentation of which can be found on my website, 

Franz Kamin: Composer, multi-media artist, author, poet, concert pianist, teacher & lyric topologist. 

Brett Hatcher, Brian Whiton, Melek Davis, Jeff Feddersen. We are zaftig. 

Harold Fortuin has been composing and performing microtonal music for his Clavette microtonal keyboard and other instruments. Visit: 

Brian Heller: Composer, teacher at Minneapolis Community and Technical College, copyist, and computer man. 

Scott Miller is an Associate Professor of Music at St. Cloud State University, currently teaching in the Czech Republic. 

Bill Gorcica is an assistant professor of art at St. Cloud State University, where he teaches multimedia and advanced computer graphics. 

Words of Thanks and Praise:
*The commissioned works by Carei Thomas and Annie Gosfield receiving their world premieres tonight) were unerwritten by the American Composers Forum with funds provided by the Jerome Foundation

Sonic Circuits is cosponsored by:
The American Composers Forum
The Schubert Club
St. Paul Cultural STAR Grant
Walker Art Center
Intermedia Arts
770 Radio K

Leonardo Electronic Almanac Pioneer Profiles ... Tierney Brothers, Total Music, our new friend Sam, all the great Musicians, artists, and volunteers who helped make this possible, some of whom include: Betsy, Denny, Jeff Palm, Wendy Mongomery, Steven Rings, High School for Recording Arts, Twin/Tone Records and its staff, Ren & Mambo?!?, and lastly and no means leastly Maureen Murphy for demonstrating saint like patience. 
Sonic Circuits is curated by Steve Dietz, Craig Harris,Philip Blackburn and Chris Strouth

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