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Fredrick R. Weisman Musum of Art
May 1,1999
 When I was in grade school when I was in the third or fourth grade our English book was called 7 is Magic,  books' 1-6 had equally goofy titles but this is the one that I remember.  I think I remember it mainly because it was also the first place I read Langston Hughes,  they reprinted Motto,

"I Play it cool 
And dig all jive
That's the reason I stay alive.

My Motto,
As I live and learn
Dig And Be Dug 
In Return" 
- Langston Hughes

Now when I first Heard this,  it seemed very Sesame Street to me. Maybe that notion was  helped by the  illustrations that surrounded it, it was the 70's after all.  I didn't really like it at first, but I remembered it, couldn't get it out of my head, and when I finally asked my teacher about it,  I was shocked to discover it wasn't some  P-Funk all-star (when I was in Kindergarten my father gave me a crate of records, all weird 70's funk, don't ask me why, but add that a year in a small town where the only show on Saturday mornings that was at all like a cartoon was Soul Train, and well... you do the math) but rather  Hipster Poetry from the 1920's well, Lets say  I needed  to know more.  Because without the full story your first impression may not be the right one. 

I was reminded this summer about that while garage sailing,  I was at an estate sale for a woman that had been a cultural anthropologist, studding Africa , learning dialects  and such, she  also must have been some sort of  missionary has well, (no I don't no if she saw the irony in that) she  had made hundreds of field recordings, of various Dialects, but amongst those reels was also ones  of  Dale "Win Friends and Influence people" Carnage, Robert Schuller and other evangelist types. Apparently  she was  translating their writings into various and sundry  dialects .  I was intrigued enough to buy all the reels, it cost me two dollars,   They sat in a closet for about a month  when at another garage sale,  once again I encountered a gaggle of reel to reel tapes, this time from a singer songwriter who had died in the early 80's,  I walked away with his tapes, for two Dollars.  I realized that if I hadn't bought these tapes most of this information,  things people spent there entire lives pursing would be lost.  History is important and not just important history either .After all you don't know where you're going till you know where you're... well you're bright you can figure it out. 


(Pre Show: Matt's crazy Aunts' Geneology)
In the lobby: the radar threat
real time man/machine sound production interface.  fu*k computers! 

voltage control manipulation, magnetic charge enhancement. 

imperfectionist electrosonic transission de/construction. 

descriptionalizationalism: every moment is a new universe.  mechanize

biorhythmis imperative- compact disc out on history of the future. 

the radar threat is benji gross.

Drew Miller and David Stenshoel
with Dr. E.E. Mammal

Drew Miller  wears a number of hats in this business we call show:

´Bass & dulcimer player, leader of Boiled In Lead 

´Head + A&R of Omnium Recordings 

´Label manager for ESD & NorthSide 

Since pestering his parents for a record player at age 3, he's been obsessed by music and records. In his early 20s he saw a bright red bass guitar in a Phoenix pawn shop, and before learning to play the thing, started Boiled In Lead. He also DJed on KFAI for some 10 years, before getting caught up in touring with BiL in the mid-90s. He's now working fulltime in the record biz, with artists that range from Wendy Carlos and The Residents to Finnish jews harp players and Balkan-influenced rock. Old music is more fun than new music...but old music needs to be made new for today's listener. It lasted forhundreds of years; it can stand up to modern punishment. 78rpms and traditional deathfolkfiddletunes rule his ears. 

Di Dollari
´Paul Horn,  does experiments in sound wave modulation using envelope laden guitar work, analog synthesis, found percussion, and modern electronics. Ambiance that may not be easy to listen to. Sounds may conjure

 images of sci-fi horror or bring on relaxing bliss. Non-chemical mood alteration may occur if the listener wishes to participate cerebrally. 

´Glen Jones was the former bassist in the group Grow Like Topsy.  All Di Dollari songs are based on melodies composed by Glen jones.
Satoshi Shinozaki is a improv based guitarist who has played in such groups as Tribo, and Exploding Head Trick. He has performed regularly as part of Red Eye's Uneasy Listening Series. He was also featured as part of Intermedia Arts' "You're My Guitar Hero" Show. 
Throb Pod (Jim Anton)
´Dimi2 Bass Calimba, Samples

a native Bostonian has been living in Minnesota since 1986. He is a bassist, producer, and composer who has worked and recorder in a variety of musical environments (Greazy Meal, Eight Head, Kalevala, Tarnished Doubloon Featuring Ed Volker from the Radiators, Peter Ostrushko, Greg Brown, Jesse Johnson, John Casey, Steve Tibbetts, and Dean Magraw). 

´Ylvis3Guitar Sampler
Rexor (John Vance)
Has been working in the underground music, painting and film/video scenes in the Twin Cities since landing in the Midwest in 1989. While VAnce'sown work is centered around experimental sound performance and soundtrack, he has been involved in curating events and the general promotion of a wide-range of artistic activities, underground and otherwise. 
Big Daddy Jr and the Spook
featuring Terry Hannen (Lunar 9, Shapeshifter),Jason Ducklinski (Lunar 9, Shapeshifter), and Tim Ritter (Passage, Shapeshifter). They made this groups debut at Future Perfect 5 as Aumana Letters 
Born in Thailand and raised Maple Grove MN,  TS developed a style unique to himself influenced by old skool hip hop but using a palate far wider than what would currently be considered, even though in days of old that would not be the case.  A true experimentalist TS is also a visual artist, a painter for the most part.
A Most Happy Sound a collaboration between, Carty Fox (Squelch One), McKnight wining composer Lorren Stafford (Richard For Cerebellum) and Chris Strouth. Dedicated to smashing artistic and intellectual barriers, they combine elements of Pop, electronica , and "New" music to create a genre that can frighten everyone equally. 
Kevin Cole
Went from the Disco Boogie blues of Uncle Sam's to helping format the modern icon of night clubs, that being First Avenue. He created nights like Club Degenerate., House Nation, and Depth Probe. He was the artist formerly known as Prince's fave DJ from Dirty Mind until Under the Cherry Moon. Voted Best DJ by City  Pages in '89, '90, and '91, before they got rid of the category, he sold most of this town their record collections as the vinyl guru of Platters. He was part of the team that put out the first collections of Mpls electronica Big Game Hunter, Cabin Rave. He was the music director and had three specialty shows, on the late KJJO 104. He started and was the music director for Rev 105, with his Radio Depth Probe program being the longest running mix show in the US. And in 7th grade he played Rhythm Guitar in the Black Knights. 
Chuck Zwicky
one of the unsung superstars of the Minnesota music community, a multi talented producer, engineer, and mix artist, as well as being a talented composer in his own right. to quote him "As someone who works professionally making records, I am attracted by the freedom of playing spontaneous improvisational music. These performances exist very much outside of the conventional music industry paradigm; there is nothing for sale here, nothing being composed packaged and presented. The music is born at the moment of performance, vibrates the air briefly and disappears, hopefully resonating in the hearts and minds of the audience." 
Named after Earth's unlikely but hypothesized second moon, LILITH forges the genre we call "Anti-Ambience." By this, we mean to suggest that the listener cannot treat the music as "background" ambience; but must rather actively create the experience of listening. We promise to offer sounds that are both familiar and alien; playful and sinister. In return, we ask that you LISTEN.  Founded in 1986, LILITH produces recorded works regularly, and performs live infrequently. We have scored movie soundtracks and pieces for multi-media and dance performance. Still, our primary focus is to produce interesting new music. The personnel and instruments we employ constantly fluctuate. You can find out who did what for each project by looking in the liner notes (start in the discography). Our favorite instruments are voice/text, imported "folk" instruments, homemade and "vintage" synthesizers. However, our primary emphasis is on sound processing/editing.
David Bryan (Networks) worked on Future Perfect 5, and he is back again and better then ever. He has had many years of experience in the computer industry as well as in the video/multimedia realm. Despite having just graduated high school this past spring.
Andy Cox(Resource management) Having no musical talent of his own, Andy has found ways to support various musical projects over the years through the sweat and toil of his brow. He has been the silent third member of EBOP, the muscle behind the Bedrock Music Appreciation Society and the guy who has humped the gear and stood at the door of a goodly number of late night disco extravaganzas. Always handy with a razor knife, cardboard and duct tape, Andy is guy you don't see who makes sure its done.
Video:Keri Halverson is a self taught video monster. proving that good things can come from cable access. A long time collaborator of Chris Strouth. Keri was the resident video person for Red Eye's Uneasy Listening Music Series, and has done video for Seduction of Timothy and Richard for Cerebellum. 
Lorren Stafford (Sugar Daddy)orren is classically trained pianist and violinist . His main focus as a composer has been in melding classical and industrial styles, electronic instruments and sampling, found instruments and sound, computer software, image and video into his own work. For 1995-96, he received a McKnight Composers Fellowship Grant.
Magic Lantern Light Show:
 Richard Tatge: He studied art at MCAD and the U of M. In 1968 he learned light show

 techniques in Boston, doing shows with such bands as Sun-Ra, Velvet Underground and

 the Doors. Back in Minneapolis, he did shows at Dania Hall, The Labor Temple and Cedar Theater with the Center of Consciousness. He formed the Magic Lantern Traveling Light Show in 1988 and has performed at raves and rock festivals across the upper midwest. 

 Chuck Schlensig: Born in 1952 in Gary, Indiana. Learned light show techniques at the
 Syndrome in Chicago and at the Music Box in Omaha with the Moose family. Did shows

 with Pink Floyd, Uriah Heap and Jethro Tull. Joined Magic Lantern in '92 . 

Chris Strouth (where the Buck Stops) is a conceptual theorist, the director and founder of Future Perfect. He is the Chief and sole employee of UltraModern, a company based on furthering of new music. For the past five years he has been on the curatorial panel of the American Composers Forum's Sonic Circuits. Dr. Strouth is currently the head of artist and product for TRG records (Twin Tone Record Group).
Words of thanks and Praise: to Phil Ford and all of the Weisman staff,  The fine folks at Tierney Brothers ,  Kevin, Lilith, Dave Daydodge, Toatal music, Frank Streck, The American Composers Forum, in particular Dr. Philip Blackburn. Everyone in the  Future Perfect Camp, this is SUCH a team effort, Lorren our Sugar Daddy, Kerri, Andy, and David who just got over been terribley ill, just in time to be here, thank God,!  Roz,Fetik 3  the staff of Allied Chemical. Ren & Stimpy, the Music of Sakamato, Brian Wilsion, Mad Proffesor, Main, Badwai, Mad Magazine,  and all th other people that helped us get here today,
and as always Mo...