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Future Perfect 4
Program Notes
Walker Art Center
Nov 18,1997

Future Perfect: Sound System, Multi-Media Event, and record. A blending of Electronica, using all the ammunition in the pop culture canon, to create a soundtrack to your best nights dreams. A seamless blend of live and recorded music. Portrait of a DJ as a young artist. Like a Be In but about Now, without forgetting about yesterday. Receptors on full, just on the edge of sensory overload. In this pre millennial age we need to come together, if not to a higher sense of consciousness, at least into a state of conscious, an awareness of the things going on around you, and there it is Future Perfect. not tomorrow, just today.

Cast in order of appearance Mike Croswell
Satoshi Shinozaki
DJ Drone
Mindphaseone W/ Ana Voog
Chuck Zwicky
A Most Happy Sound
Kevin Cole
Rod Smith

And in the Elevator! ---> Lost in Translation
Curated by Chris Strouth

Lost In Translation is one man, Jace Krause, who uses a four track tape recorder, effects, and amplification to create disturbing multi layered soundscapes. Jace gets all the installation spaces to play in; first with bathrooms, he has now moved up (and down) to elevators.

Mike Croswell is a Musician and Composer, the kingpin of Mpls artcore favorites Metaphor. He also makes an appearance tonight with Ousia.

Satoshi Shinozaki is a improv based guitarist who has played in such groups as Tribo, and Exploding Head Trick. He has performed regularly as part of Red Eye's Uneasy Listening Series. He was also featured as part of Intermedia Arts' "You're My Guitar Hero" Show.

DJ Drone i(AKA Dave Jarros) started his DJ'ing career 6 years ago. One of the pillars of Future Perfect, he is also the owner of Bassment Records, an all vinyl DJ store. A popular figure in midwestern electronica culture, graduating with a jungle major, with special emphasis in breakbeats. Drone was last seen opening for David Bowie during his last in-town appearance.

Ana Voog is a Musician/ Recording Artist (Radioactive Records) a performer, the Fairie Queen and a new media experimentalist. She is the star of, a twenty four hours a day, seven days a week view into her spectacular and mundane life.
From the anacam website-
it is a window into my house, into my life. a picture updated every few minutes showing what I'm doing right now. sometimes i might be just staring (I'm really good at that), sometimes I'll be surfing the net, sometimes I'll be dancing wildly about my house to some disco music, sometimes i might be eating cereal, sometimes i might be taking a bubblebath, sometimes i might be writing songs or singing or painting, sometimes i might be reading, sometimes i might put on little skits for you or decide to cover myself in blue paint or something weird. because I'm a weird girl. so be prepared for weird and strange things to happen all of a sudden out of nowhere.

Mindphaseone is a collaboration project between Auto Kinetic ( John Golden, Mike McClure) and DJ Drone (David Jarosz). Formed in the spring of '96, the three had been working together on a variety of dance oriented projects before MPO's inception. Auto Kinetic has been doing independent dance releases since the early part of 1994. The duo owns and operates the Electric Music Foundation label and releases tracks on labels around the world.

Chuck Zwicky is one of the unsung superstars of the Minnesota music community, a multi talented producer, engineer, and mix artist, as well as being a talented composer in his own right. Chuck performed regularly as part of Red Eye's Uneasy Listening Series, and has worked on records that would really surprise you.

A Most Happy Sound s a collaboration between, Carty Fox (Squelch One), McKnight wining composer Lorren Stafford (Richard For Cerebellum) and Chris Strouth. Dedicated to smashing artistic and intellectual barriers, they combine elements of Pop, electronica , and "New" music to create a genre that can frighten everyone equally. Special guest vocalist: the lovely and talented Miss Amy Buchanon.

Kevin Cole went from the Disco Boogie blues of Uncle Sam's to helping format the modern icon of night clubs, that being First Avenue. He created nights like Club Degenerate., House Nation, and Depth Probe. He was the artist formerly known as Prince's fave DJ from Dirty Mind until Under the Cherry Moon. Voted Best DJ by City Pages in '89, '90, and '91, before they got rid of the category, he sold most of this town their record collections as the vinyl guru of Platters. He was part of the team that put out the first collections of Mpls electronica Big Game Hunter, Cabin Rave. He was the music director and had three specialty shows, on the late KJJO 104. He started and was the music director for Rev 105, with his Radio Depth Probe program being the longest running mix show in the US. And in 7th grade he played Rhythm Guitar in the Black Knights.

Ousia (Pronounced "ooh - SEE - ah") ..Ambient Noise. Entity.. Realizing. Collective. Sounds.Within.An.Anonymous.Environment..
Originally known as Blue Shift, Ousia continues the documentation of ambiEnt.nOisE.dRonE.eLecTrOniCa compositions in the form of both recorded and live mediums. In realizing these documentations, a criteria has been established with regard to the utilization of technology. Ousia focuses on exploiting technology which allows for flux, improvisation, and control. Sonic structures are constructed around keys and dynamics; all material recorded is able to be reproduced live, yet the live performances are not limited to a mere cloning of the recordings.

Rod Smith is a : DJ, composer, musician, independent curator, and legitimate psychonaut, the Co Founder and Co -director of the Polar Bear Club, Moon Mountain and the New Alantis. He dedicates tonight's set to the late William Seward Burroughs.

Keri Halverson is a self taught video monster. proving that good things can come from cable access. A long time collaborator of Curator Chris Strouth. Keri was the resident video person for Red Eye's Uneasy Listening Music Series, and has done video for Seduction of Timothy and Richard for Cerebellum.

Keri Halverson is a self taught video monster. proving that good things can come from cable access. A long time collaborator of Curator Chris Strouth. Keri was the resident video person for Red Eye's Uneasy Listening Music Series, and has done video for Seduction of Timothy and Richard for Cerebellum.

Magic Lantern Light Show:
Richard Tatge: He studied art at MCAD and the U of M. In 1968 he learned light show techniques in Boston, doing shows with such bands as Sun-Ra, Velvet Underground and the Doors. Back in Minneapolis, he did shows at Dania Hall, The Labor Temple and Cedar Theater with the Center of Consciousness. He formed the Magic Lantern Traveling Light Show in 1988 and has performed at raves and rock festivals across the upper midwest.
Chuck Schlensig: Born in 1952 in Gary, Indiana. Learned light show techniques at the Syndrome in Chicago and at the Music Box in Omaha with the Moose family. Did shows with Pink Floyd, Uriah Heap and Jethro Tull. Joined Magic Lantern in '92 .

Chris Strouth is a conceptual theorist, the director and founder of Future Perfect. He is the Chief and sole employee of UltraModern, a company based on furthering of new music. For the past four years he has been on the curatorial panel of the American Composers Forum's Sonic Circuits. He founded Red Eye Collaboration's Difficult Music series. Strouth was the curator for many years for Club Scandofari/ Hair Police. He was also a producer/writer/ and host of the experimental TV program "What." He is currently the head of artist and product for TRG records (Twin Tone Record Group), and writes a weekly column on music and youth culture for America On-line (keyword="new breed") as well as a regular column on electronic music for Pulse. He has recorded with groups: A Most Happy Sound(With Carty Fox, & Lorren Stafford), Seduction of Timothy (with Geoff Seelinger & Bob DeMaa), Ex-Boyfriends of Pamela (with Jim Reay) , and King Paisley. Strouth at one time or another has been involved with the following projects in varying capacities: Rifle Sport art (the one on E Block!), U.X.B. Hair Police, House Nation, House of Fun, Depth Probe, Cyber Church, and a host of other things he simply can't remember.

Words of thanks and Praise: to all of the Walker staff, in particular Philip, Doug, Becky, Maury, and Rachel for making all of this possible. The American Composers Forum, in particular Dr. Philip Blackburn. The Future Perfect mainstays, Rod, Dave, and Chris Sattenger. My dear friend John Kass, who I still can't believe I forget to thank on the record, Paul Stark, Kool-Aid, Chuck (I told you it would happen), Satoshi, Ousia, Mindphase, Ana/Tommy, Amy, Mike, Keri, Richard, Chuck, Jace, Carty and Lorren, my friends Kii, Mike R, and the staff of Allied Chemical. the Music of George Jones, Brian Wilson, Ventures, Jack Nitche. the entire Glueten-Phafel nation. and of course to Mo...
A special thanks to Kevin who has continued to let me talk him into stuff for almost ten years.
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