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Future Perfect 10
Sonic Circuits
Fri Nov 3, 2000
Landmark Center
In conjunction with the Sonic Circuits International Festival of Music and Art

Welcome my friends to the show that never ends come inside, come inside, well I suppose those opening lines have been take before but whatchya gonna do.

What you see tonight represents the work of hundreds of people, a gaggle of organizations, a number of very giving companies and at least two very nice cats..


Named after Earth's unlikely but hypothesized second moon, LILITH forges the genre we call "Anti-Ambience." By this, they mean to suggest that the listener cannot treat the music as "background" ; but must rather actively create the experience of listening. We promise to offer sounds that are both familiar and alien; playful and sinister.
Founded in 1986, LILITH produces recorded works regularly, and performs live infrequently. They have scored movie soundtracks and pieces for multi-media and dance performance. Still, our primary focus is to produce interesting new music. The personnel and instruments they employ constantly fluctuate.

Satoshi Shinozaki is an improv-based guitarist who has played in such groups as Tribo, and Exploding Head Trick. He has performed regularly as part of Red Eye's Uneasy Listening Series. He was also featured as part of Intermedia Arts' "You're My Guitar Hero" Show. Satoshi First FP performance was 5, at the Walker Art center

Mike Croswell is the man behind the musical group Metaphor, (check out their album serene traveler on Innova. Mike is a frequent collaborator with Fred Teasely and A Most Happy Sound.

Rexor AKA John Vance: has been working in the underground music, painting and film/video scenes in the Twin Cities since landing in the Midwest in 1989. While his work is centered around experimental sound performance and soundtrack, he has been involved in curating events and the general promotion of a wide-range of artistic activities, underground and otherwise. The chief vehicles for most of my artistic output are under the umbrellas of WRONG and Panelectric Living Sinema. WRONG is an ever changing unconventional
Ensemble incorporating everything from large group improvisation to solo composition and performance art, usually with some sort of anti-strategy.

Chuck Zwicky is one of the unsung superstars of the Minnesota music community, a multi talented producer, engineer, and mix artist, as well as being a talented composer in his own right. To quote him "As someone who works professionally making records, I am attracted by the freedom of playing spontaneous improvisational music. These performances exist very much outside of the conventional music industry paradigm; there is nothing for sale here, nothing being composed packaged and presented. The music is
Born at the moment of performance, vibrates the air briefly and disappears, hopefully resonating in the hearts and minds of the audience."

Appliancide is the solo electronic act of performance art band Unconditional Loathing's Paul Akin. He has been performing experimental music for about four years and started Appliancide in late 1999. Musically, Appliancide is an eclectic mixture of modern and classical electronic music with little regard for any specific genre. All Appliancide performances are accompanied by video collage arranged to guide the audience through their listening experience.
Joining Paul for this performance will be Kristen Ternes. Kristen has taken a hiatus from her poverty-stricken life, as a New York film and video producer to return to Minneapolis for a rendezvous with Paul to represent America at it's finest with a good beat. Additional audio and video source material provided by Greg Anderson and Jay Siewert from Unconditional Loathing.

NearDeath Picnic is a collaboration between Fred Teasley (from the group Ousia) and John Mica, Their music is without definition or boundaries

Susan Rawcliffe:

Paul Higham: Using the internet as an installation space since 1993 and engaging in research fellowships /residencies in Rapid prototyping/3d printing /V.R.medical visualization labs in US, harnessing these emergent technologies to produce digital art, starting this inquiry at Goldsmiths College of Art,London University in the early 70s using new media /video and sound . In 1995 coming over from England to organize and curate "4th dimension pocket"for the "City of Glass".British Arts Council I.T. festival at the University of : developing the internet as a performance/ telecommunication sculpture/installation area Now using A.I./ virtual reality, haptic force feed back and rapid prototype /3d printing to directly engage the algorithmic generation possibilities of cyberspace.

About his piece for FP 10:

Spacesampler series: is an international project sampling in London, New York, Paris using 3d scanners to induct real world coordinates into the datum space of the computer, this is the starting point for an evolving series of art works.and internet


The project consists of the remote 3d laser scanning iconic objects;such as the Statue of Liberty, Ronald Mcdonald ,Dow jones etc. thereby capturing real world form by using telemetric scanners to digitize objects volume by volume at a distance. The abducted coordinates of that object are then turned into a digital mesh or virtual 3D representation. Evolving algorithms may mutate the form after it has been sampled not unlike a virus.

John Jindra Composer of varied musics (post-modern jazz, guitar/voice, noise electronica, cut-n-paste drum&bass), curator of new music events, guitarist, vocalist, bassist, programmer, engineer, and appearent "Indie/DIY" cowboy. jindra's first presence in the music world was felt from his project "Mooter". While that presence was only briefly felt from MPLS to NYC for one year, it was followed by numerous other group and solo projects. Now jindra focuses on Litigation,

AnimalsExpert@Hankering, jindra (solo guitar/voice), jindra/dosh project, and sound design for modern dance and film. jindra has two full lengths and an EP of his own works available from JindraEstateMusic (owned and run by guess who...jindra). Litigation is partially performance art and partially composition. The primary characters in Litigation are MIDI guitar, analog synth guitar, sampler, and two microphones. The resulting sounds of Litigation often betray the personas of the instruments involved.  jindra was awarded a 2000 McKnight

Composers Fellowship from the American Composers Forum. 

Pleasant Stitch (Bob DeMaa (keys, programming, production and guitar) Sarah-Jane Hill (lyrics and vocal lines) Will Pierce (programming, percussion, and keys)) Carty Fox (Bass n’ more) the sound...big motivations, textures from everywhere, dark intro's, warm bottom beats for foundations and a constant fluidity from voices--no top to be found in the sound--just reach up! It evades easy descriptions. It's hard to pin down.

Dj Room

Organized by Dave "Drone" Jarros

DJ Chris Mindflux

DJ Andrew

DJ Drone

DJ Code Blue


Third floor stair well

Zaftig improvises music on an arsenal of amplified aluminum instruments.

Elemental forms evolve, transform, and decay, striving towards the visceral

within the cerebral.

Zaftig was founded by Jeff Feddersen, and includes Meleck Davis, Aaron

Fabrini, Brett Hatcher, and Brian Whiton.

Fourth Floor Stairwell

the Radar Threat is Benjy Gross. an analog archivist, and sonic prankster. He is frequent contibutior to the New Alantis. This is Mr. Gross third appearance with Future Perfect. Benji's First FP performance was 6, at the Intermedia Arts


New media (curated by Craig Harris)


Networked Live Performance

Telemusic #1 is a collaborative performance work by Randall Packer and Steve Bradley, along with John Young (Network Design), Gregory Kuhn (Sound Design), Christopher Styles (Web Design), Jorge Castro (Web Design), Andrew Bruntel (Web/Flash Design), Geoff Janjua (Software Design) and Jason Corso (Software Design). Special thanks to Bionicbox. A production of Zakros InterArts and art@radio.

In Telemusic #1, superimposed on the hyper-dramatic telematic stage are statements concerning the network and its potential for social and aesthetic transformation as voiced by an Artist-Evangelist, and challenged by an Artist-Antagonist. The on-line and on-site audience in turn collectively confront and celebrate this assumption by forming their own identities such as the Idealist, the Cynic, the Lurker, the Capitalist, and the Anarchist. Together they join as an ensemble of disparate voices brought together by collapsed geographies and fractured ideologies concerning the impact of telematics on the human condition.

Lights By: Magic Lantern Light Show:

Richard Tatge: He studied art at MCAD and the U of M. In 1968 he learned light show techniques in Boston, doing shows with such bands as Sun-Ra, Velvet Underground and the Doors. Back in Minneapolis, he did shows at Dania Hall, The Labor Temple and Theater with the Center of Consciousness. He formed the Magic Lantern Traveling Show in 1988 and has performed at raves and rock festivals across the upper midwest.

Chuck Schlensig: Born in 1952 in Gary, Indiana. Learned light show techniques at the Syndrome in Chicago and at the Music Box in Omaha with the Moose family. Did shows with Pink Floyd, Uriah Heap and Jethro Tull. Joined Magic Lantern in '92 .

Video by: Keri Halverson (video) is a self taught video monster. proving that good things can come from cable access. A long time collaborator of Chris Strouth. Keri was the resident video person for Red Eye's Uneasy Listening Music Series, and has done video for Seduction of Timothy and Richard for Cerebellum.


David Bryan made his debut on Future Perfect 5, and is now the minster of wires. He has had many years of experience in the computer industry as well as in the video/multimedia realm.

Lorren Stafford is classically trained pianist and violinist currently working in the Minneapolis (MN) area. His main focus as a composer has been in melding classical and industrial styles, electronic instruments and sampling, found instruments and sound, computer software, image and video into his own work. For 1995-96, he received a McKnight Composers Fellowship Grant, which has allowed him to further research projects in the area of computer music technology and interactive performance technology. In to my work with Richard For Cerebellum, and A Most Happy Sound, he works with many other

composers and musicians in both an improvised performance setting, as well as a compositional setting.

Curated by

Craig Harris: New Media

Steve Dietz: : web based work

Philp Blackburn:Video

Dave Jarsoz: DJ Room

Chris Strouth Everything else

Chris Strouth is a conceptual theorist, the director and founder of Future Perfect. He is the Chief and sole employee of UltraModern, a company based on furthering of new music.


Projectors provided by Tierney brothers

Internet acces provided by AT&T Broadband

Sound provided by Total Music system

Cable Cast by St. Paul neighborhood Networks

*The commissioned works by Randall Packer and Bob Hoffner receiving their world premieres tonight) were underwritten by the American Composers Forum with funds provided by the Jerome Foundation.

Sonic Circuits is cosponsored by:

The American Composers Forum

Walker Art Center

National Endowment for the Arts

The Schubert Club

AT&T Broadband

770 Radio K

Tiereny Brothers

Total Music Systems

Words of Thanks and Praise: Philip Blackburn , Wendy Montgomery and the restof the staff of American Composers Forum, they rock and if your not a member you really should join, Phillip Bither Doug Bendit Steve Deitz and all of Walker Performing Arts, and New Media. Chuck Stannard and the Fine folks at AT&T Broadband. Emily and the Schubert Club. Tierney Brothers , Steve Brunsburg, Cable access St Paul, and the St. Paul Neighborhood Networks, radio K, Jeff Juliek and Total Music Systems. A special huge thanks to Andrea Fulkerson for her production help. Ditto Lorren Stafford who helps to make the Impposibile real. All the groups and musicans that make this happen, And a big heaping helping of thanks to Mo’ who rocks a little bit harder than anyone else…

In Memory of Jack Nitche, and Steve Allen, R.I.P.